How We Started and Where We Are Now

Technical Support CIS Internet, of Scott Depot, West Virginia, has been a local industry leader from the moment our doors first opened on a warm, sunny, spring day in 1997. We were among the first companies to provide "Filtered" or "Family Friendly" Internet access across West Virginia and the region.

Our mission was to provide a "Christian Internet Service" to businesses and families that cared about the information flowing over the Internet. As we've grown, our ever-increasing cache of experience and expertise has allowed us to offer a wide variety of specialized, professional services to meet the Internet needs of our clients. Today, we are capable of not only developing great web sites and effective Internet marketing campaigns, but we are qualified and equipped to meet nearly every IT need a client might have.

We strive to help businesses use the Internet to maximize the return on the advertising dollars invested into an online presence. We pride ourselves on our industry knowledge and our flexibility to grow with the changing technology and tastes of online consumers. Our experience and insight are what set us apart from our competitors, and they are among the greatest assets we offer to the businesses who partner with us to develop a strong, valuable online presence.

Currently, CIS services are available wherever in the world your business might call home. We invite you to contact us to learn more.