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CIS Internet Marketing Program Your success is our success!

What is IMP? The definition of IMP is Internet Marketing Program. CIS Internet developed IMP in 2008 in response to the variety of Internet Advertising features and processes that were becoming available. As the frequency of these opportunities were being offered, many businesses were wasting time and money as they were learning how to manage these opportunities, or they found that some processes did not address their market. Terms such as "Pay-per-click Advertising", "Banner Advertising", "Dynamic Advertising", "Social Media Advertising", "Article Marketing", and "Search Engine Optimization" were all being used by different companies claiming to have the "Silver Bullet" to Internet Marketing.

While all of these features and processes have value, they do have some complexities and not all address the target market of all businesses. The bottom line is that each business is unique, their market is unique, and their customers are motivated differently. CIS Internet takes the time to research what motivates your market, identifies the competition, and then implements an Internet Marketing Strategy that best leverages the available Internet resources economically and effectively.

With you every step of the way CIS is one of only a few Internet Marketing & Management companies that follow a client through the website conception process and the site's lifecycle with a one-on-one relationship. CIS monitors the Marketing Strategy with the client, so that as either the market changes or the business changes, the website and all the related elements remain effective. The majority of the clients that choose CIS are in their 2nd and 3rd generation IMP agreements! Some Internet Marketing Companies attempt to deliver complex and hard to understand strategies. At CIS, our strategy for a successful Internet Marketing solution is hard work, 2-way communication, and common sense.

CIS Internet Marketing Program A completely customized strategy: We discover what makes your business special and different, and develop a comprehensive, custom marketing strategy to best feature those strengths.

We look at the competition and investigate how they are approaching the online marketplace, and what strategies work for them. We then build on those ideas with the goal of giving your site the clear edge.

We develop a web site that establishes your online image and serves as the "hub" of your Internet presence.

We create a customized marketing plan to publicize your presence on the Internet. To do this, we often employ tools like the use of reciprocal links with vendors and customers; the publishing a monthly/quarterly E-newsletter; creating a following on Twitter and Facebook; implementing "Sponsored Links" or "Pay-per-Click" campaigns; Article Marketing, and using other media to put your business at the forefront of your industry.

We follow-up with you every month with reports and statistics that reflect how the marketing plan is working. We then make whatever adjustments necessary to promote continued growth on your web site. The Bottom Line: We are with you every month - from the time we propose the development of a new Internet presence to the creation of it. Our objective is to keep your Internet presence current, exciting, and informative. Your success is our success! We are committed to deliver honesty, integrity, and hard work every step of the way. Contact CIS today to get started in putting your online presence on the fast track to success.