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Building and maintaining a web site can be an overwhelming task for a small business. One of the biggest challenges is producing all of the content for a new web site, followed by keeping the site fresh with new material. This all takes time and resources from your staff.

CIS helps your company overcome one of the major challenges of web presence management by developing not only your web design and layout, but the content that fills the pages. Part of what makes CIS unique is that we take time to get to know your business. This allows us to develop tailor-made content for your site that accurately reflects who you are and what you do.

We use an experienced writing staff with a keen sense of the importance of language as it relates not only to your target audience, but also to the search engines that lead traffic to your site. Their expertise is put to use in developing text for clients who prefer their copy to be clean, professional, search-engine friendly and persuasive.

The end result of a CIS-built site is a strong internet presence consistent with your marketing goals.

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